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14–16 October 2018, Kyiv, Horasis China Meeting

14–16 October 2018, Kyiv, Ukraine, Horasis China Meeting 


  • Government of Ukraine
  • China Federation of Industrial Economics

Strategic Partner:

  • Global Transformation Platform


  • Anson Chan, Chairman, Bonds Group of Companies, Hong Kong SAR
  • Pat Cox, President, Jean Monnet Foundation for Europe, Switzerland; former President of the European Parliament
  • Guan Jianzhong, Chairman, Dagong Global Credit Rating, China
  • Emmanuel Justima, Chief Executive Officer, Modricenir, Haiti
  • Alex Lin, Chairman, ChinaValue Group, China
  • Liu Changle, Chairman, Phoenix Satellite Television Holdings, China
  • Henry Shterenberg, Chief Executive Officer, Global Transformation Platform, Ukraine
  • Xu Anliang, President, China Insurance Investment Co, China
  • Xu Heyi, Chairman, Beijing Automotive Group, China
  • Xuan Ruiguo, Chairman, China Automation Group, China
  • Felix Zhang, Founder and Executive Director, Envision Energy, China
  • Zhang Jianwei, Vice Chairman, Sinotrans, China
  • Zhi Peng, President, Tsinghua Asset Management Group, China
  • Zhu Lianyu, Vice Chairman and President, Zhenhua Port Machinery Company (ZPMC), China


  • IE Business School
  • Silk Road Association of Ukraine
  • State Financial Institution for Innovation (SFII) of Ukraine

Nurturing Ukrainian Competitiveness (Room A)

Ukraine’s strong education, work ethic and focussed tech have created strong entrepreneurial development.  Both multi-nationals and Chinese firms are drawn to their success. What are the government’s priorities and strategies?  And what does this imply for the business environment?

  • Andrey Kolodyuk, Founder, AVentures Capital, Ukraine
  • Yulia Kovaliv, Head of Office, National Investment Council of Ukraine, Ukraine
  • Ivan Kryshtopa, Co-founder, Cashless Ukraine, Ukraine
  • Igor Nakonechny, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, NanoDuck, Ukraine
  • Oleksiy Pavlenko, Director, Ukrainian Institute of the Future, Ukraine
  • Giovanni Salvetti, Managing Director and Head of CIS, Rothschild, Ukraine

What’s Next for China’s Booming FinTech? (Room B)

China’s FinTech industry has boomed in recent years. What are the opportunities for entrepreneurs, VCs and traditional financial institutions?  How can Ukrainian and other nations along the Silk Road Economic Belt cooperate with the new Chinese FinTech champions?

  • Alan X. Chen, Chief Executive Officer, Zailairen Valeon Information Technology Inc., China
  • Jade Chen, Founder, Younus, China
  • Justina Chen, Founder, FieldTech Inc, China
  • Jin Dunhong, Affiliated Researcher, Oxford-Man Institute of Quantitative Finance, United Kingdom
  • John Feng, Chief Executive Officer, OKCoin Japan, Hong Kong SAR
  • Guo Shanqi, Founder, Consenomics, China
  • Alf Erik Lundgrenn, Chairman, Nordic Invest SIA, Latvia
  • Xu Qingen, Group Chairman, Shanghai Capital Group, China

China and Ukraine: Joining Hands for Innovation (Room C)

Ukraine is well positioned to engage with China to promote innovation jointly in manufacturing and services. What are the areas of shared interests between China and Ukraine to promote further cooperation? How to build innovation ecosystems between the two nations?

  • Olga Bielkova, Deputy Head of the Energy Committee, Parliament of Ukraine, Ukraine
  • Denis Gurak, Member of the Supervisory Board, Innovations Development Platform, Ukraine
  • Jason Jin, Chairman, iFuturaction Networks, China
  • Dmytro Kostyk, Chief Executive Officer, Interactive Restaurant Technology, Ukraine
  • Michael Libus, Founder, Leeloo.Ai, Ukraine
  • Nicholas Tymoshchuk, Chief Executive Officer, UFUTURE Investment Group, Ukraine
  • Wu Ren, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, NovuMind, China

Unlocking the Potential of Youth (Room D)

The young of Ukraine and China yearn to be entrepreneurs and to innovate.  Deepening double-nation knowledge would enhance global understanding and trust.  An exchange between the high-tech centres in each nation would enable joint development.  How to do this?

  • Lu Xioayu, Department of Politics and International Relations, University of Oxford, United Kingdom
  • Lou Jiaqi, Market Researcher, East Media, Italy
  • Alberto Carvalho Neto, Vice President, JEUNE — Young Entrepreneurs Organization of the European Union, Belgium
  • Catherine Qi, Co-founder, xnw.com, China
  • Peggy Tse, Director, Health Impact Fund, USA
  • Luc Wei, Co-Founder, Madmonkey, China
  • Steven Wang, Founder and Chairperson, Yiqiao, China 

Social Impact Investing (Room E)

Forms of investing yielding a social benefit can positively alter the course of an economy.  What are the new models of public and private partnership which can fund, deliver, and scale innovative solutions from the ground up? Ultimately, might it be a force for good in China, Ukraine, and elsewhere?

  • Noel Akpata, Chief Executive Officer, Stratex Pro, Nigeria
  • Olga Aleksandrova, Co-Founder and Chair, «EmbraceMe» Foundation, United Kingdom
  • Alex Bart, Founder & Managing Partner, Empire State Capital Partners, Ukraine
  • Iaroslav Gregirchak, Deputy Business Ombudsman, Business Ombudsman Council, Ukraine
  • Kristina Klassen, Managing Partner, Kristina Klassen GmbH, Switzerland
  • Yonah Artemis Welker, Founder, Yonah Fund, USA
  • Zhang Xingsheng, Founding Partner, Datong Fund, China

More details on Horasis China Meeting website.